Connected to Serve!

We believe every member of our church and community should have the opportunity to connect with God and to connect with other believers.  Connect Main Street provides a variety of opportunities for those connections to grow.  Here are our main connect points:

Prayer Time:  Every Sunday 8:00am

Sunday Morning Worship:  Every Sunday 11:00am

Wednesday Night Bible Study:  Every Wednesday 6:00pm

Sunday School:  Every Sunday 10:00am

Fellowship Meal:  Every Wednesday after sevice

Weekday Devotion:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:30am

Spiritual Counseling:  Thursdays from 9:30-11:00

In addition to our church connect points, it is important for each member to connect with God and other believers on their own throughout the week.  Think about the following questions:

1. Am I reading God's Word every day?

2. Do I have a consistent prayer life?

3. What are some unique ways I can connect with God this week?

4. How can I connect with at least one other believer this week?

Connect with God